What Is mCent & Slide Referral? How To Earn Unlimited Recharge Through It?

It is very difficult to earn or get free recharge by unlocking screen or by downloading apps & games. That is because it takes lot of internet mb(s) & time to earn unlimited free mobile recharge.

While there is also another program in such apps that is called Referral Program.

Referral programs allow you to earn unlimited income & free recharge by promoting the same apps.

There are a little difference between mCent & the Slide Referral program.

mCent Referral Program

mCent referral program allows you to earn unlimited free recharge by promoting the mcent app.

You can find your referral program link in the Share window by clicking the referral amount.

How This Works & How I Can Use It?

Well, You just need to copy the referral link & promote it with other people & whenever someone download the mCent app from your link, he/she will have to download at least one app in order to you get RS15 or more reward.

Slide Referral Program

The difference between Slide & mCent is that the user who download mcent through your referral will have to download at least one app whereas using Slide referral link, a user just have to join Slide app in order to you get free reward of Rs10.

You can find Slide referral link in the Invite Now.

Let me know if you have any further question about this post or their referral program.


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